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What you wear should be far more than a mere afterthought. How you adorn yourself on the outside should not only reflect how you feel on the inside – it should invigorate your internal beauty; your authentically natural self, your strengths and unique creativity.

Every item in my clothing boutique is hand-selected and each is a one-of-a-kind piece, to help you express your individuality. I choose luxurious, soft fabrics that feel sexy on the skin and are crafted into pieces that aspire to make you feel like a goddess, hence the name Sacred Muse.

Emerging from the world of modelling and being schooled in all ways possible to perfect yourself on the outside, I found it a natural progression to guide people to do the same. Along this journey I have become fascinated with the "inside world”, which led me into an invigorating journey of the spiritual realm.

I believe that you are much more attractive when you truly know yourself. In this context, I consider myself a makeover expert; linking the two, as inside and out are intricately connected. I am confident that a make over from the outside can jumpstart the way you feel on the inside.

Experts agree that you display what is going on on the inside by expressing it outwardly – starting from the subtle nuances of facial expressions, through the way you carry yourself and finally in the choice and design of what you choose to wear. My goal is to motivate and guide you along this journey.

My jewelry line is also created with particular intentions. I use semi-precious stones, imbued with healing properties, and selected precious stones that are sourced from around the world, each mindfully put together in a unique way.

Please feel free to pop in to my boutique and share your journey with me.


Dune Kossatz | Brand Owner & Designer



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